1. Fall 2023: Guest Lecturer for ESE6800-004: Deep Generative Models at University of Pennsylvania.
    • Invited by Prof. René Vidal.
    • Gave two lectures:
      • Topic 1: Basics of Graph Neural Networks and their application to indoor scene synthesis using Graph Variational Autoencoders.
      • Topic 2: Application of deep generative models to explainable-AI.

  1. Fall 2022: Teaching Assistant for 601.475/675: Machine Learning at Johns Hopkins University.
    • Instructors: Prof. Mark Dredze & Prof. Anqi Liu
    • Responsibilities:
      • Conducted recitation sessions;
      • Designed homework assignments,exam papers, and grading rubrics;
      • Served as mentor for course projects and was responsible for their final evaluations;
      • Held weekly office hours.